Our Stars

Kamlesh Rane
Recruited @ Finite Four Technology, Pune as a Crash Engineer

After graduating from Engineering, I was really searching for core jobs. Honestly it is quit difficult to find job now a days only on the basis of academic profile. Finite Element Analysis is an emerging technology in the field of mechanical and automobile engineering. I got opportunity to learn this advanced technique at IICAE Indore. During the training at IICAE, I felt like I was working at an Industrial environment. After completing of my training, I was able to get the job within a month. I strongly recommend to the mechanical students to joint IICAE for their strong technical profile.

Sanchay Jain
Recruited @ DEP Chennai as a CAE Engineer

Hi folks, I would like to say IICAE is the root of CAE field, CAE field is very vast and having lot of scope in the future. The awareness among us is very less. Just google search it. If you are an automobile engineer like me, or Mechanial engineer and wants to work in analysis, this is the best way to enter, I have studied durability analysis and crash analysis in IICAE, and with the help of teaching staff I learnt a lot, staff is too much supportive in searching for job too. After that I have applied in a couple of companies, and finally got selected in Detroit engineering product. Without knowledge of CAE it is next to impossible for me. Thanks IICAE staff for your support. I will definitely recommend you this field for CAE. All the best to you all. My best wishes. Thanks

Ayush Ghongde
Student Research Assistant, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI Alumnus of Acropolis Technical Campus, Indore

Hello I would like to say that CAE is most effectively growing field in automotive sector and would be one of the best field in the near future with a lot of scope in it. To be automotive engineer it is very necessary to be aware about this field. To enter in the field of crash and durability IICAE is the best way to enter, I have completed my CAE study from IICAE, Indore. I would like to thanks IICAE Indore for all its support and I would definitely recommend IICAE for the CAE study.

Mahim Gautam
Student Research Assistant, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI Alumnus of Acropolis Technical Campus, Indore

Hello everyone IICAE is an organisation which always helps Mechanical Engineering fellows like me to achieveĀ  a good position in the Automotive Industry World. I have understood the FEA (Finite Element Analysis) & CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) in the classes taken by Faculties, who are very helpful and very Knowledgeable. It is the Best institute in Central India now which gives both quality training and Research related Opportunities to us.